1964 BU Roll $10.00 Face (20 Coins) - Kennedy Half Dollar 90% Silver

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You will receive (20) BU 1964 Kennedy Half Dollars in a plastic tube.


After the assassination of President John F. Kennedy in 1963, there was a movement for his portrait to be placed on the half dollar. Congress quickly approved legislation to this effect, and for the obverse of the new coin, Gilroy Roberts repurposed a representation of Kennedy that he had created for a medal in 1961. After Frank Gasparro produced an eagle motif for the reverse, the design was approved by Jacqueline and Robert F. Kennedy, the wife and brother of the late president, respectively. The coins, composed of 90% silver, hit the presses, and they were released to the public in March 1964. They were extremely popular, and because of the wide interest, banks were forced to set limits on how many pieces individual customers could purchase — all in all, 430 million 1964-dated halves were produced. Between 1965 to 1970, Kennedy halves were produced in 40% silver, under the stipulations in the Coinage Act of 1965. Since 1971, circulation strikes have been produced in a cupronickel composition; however, 90% silver proofs have been struck since 1992.